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The safest way to supplement your retirment income with additional needed funds gurantee that neiter you nor your spouse never outlive your retirment income as long as you both live. We offer super competetive rates and additional 10% bonus upon initial funding.

This Year 2011 Fixed Annuities hit historical investment record:
$91 billions was invested in Fixed Index Deferred Annuities in 2011 year today as only viable alternative to declining 401k and super low rates for banks certificates of deposits

A contract sold by life insurance companies that allows you to pay a lump sum or accumulate money over time, and the issuing company guarantees payment to the buyer in the future, usually at retirement. You will not pay income taxes on the money until those payments are made.

Periodic payments made to an annuitant or to the annuitant's designated beneficiary. The payments may be made on an annual, semiannual, quarterly, or monthly basis, and may last for life or for a specified period. Moreover, depending on whether the annuity in question is a fixed annuity or a variable annuity, the annuitant (or his/her beneficiary) may receive either payments of a fixed dollar amount or payments that vary in amount according to the value of the underlying securities.
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I offer online scheduling using BookFresh

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